Film Location

Film Location

What is The Friar Professional Building FILM Network?                                         It is a film associated Networking for Young film students, and film makers at No Cost.                                                                                             (complementary of Friar Professional Building) 

We offer this networking program to revitalize or “jump start” Young talented students in film, art school whom passion is film making                                            The Friar Professional Building FILM Network   offers you the opportunity to connect with all film industry in all our buildings and their client to showcase you and your talent. It is to promote your film to them, their clients and their film business networking. Again, it is FREE. Therefore at our networking program, everyone has access to one another at no cost.

to encourage young film producers and film students entrepreneurship in these troubled economic times, The Friar Professional Building owner has created an opportunity for all film makers in our rosters to connect and help students a more successful film with their experience and connections. With the cutting-edge location that we provide and the effective marketing strategies which have been proven, this innovating and exciting networking programs is one course to obtaining new ideas, generating revenue, and saving resources, The Friar Professional Building Network can help you experience your business personal breakthrough.

There is no limit to your business or your personal success, and it is all within your control.

The  Mission                                                                                                   The Friar Professional Building FILM Network’s mission is to encourage its Independent tenants to share their services, clients and do business together to achieve a prosperous business, and greater independence growth.

We at the The Friar Professional Building promoting and coordinating the networking activities of marketers through our structured private networking program, we ask our friends & connection to offer Ideas, and lend their experience to the students when it’s needed. The goal of The Friar Professional Build FILM Network is to spared this idea to all the films school and academies to succeed with creating similar networking program and ultimately merge with our network to gain prosperity for and success for students.

we encourage all of our members and potential members to take charge of their business’s future. There’s a big difference between opportunity and success.

Invite your friends and family, and everyone you know in film business to join our team. Networking is an essential skill for most film makers, but especially for the students.

Friar Professional Building (THE FRIAR PROFESSIONAL BUILDING) established for over half a decade ago to serve the entertainment industry in Los Angeles. We opened our west coast branch in September of 2004

Rentals of our space are handled by the building manager Kathy. For more information about using the space for film, video and photo shoots, please contact her directly. she can be reached at 818 817 0006

Film Location

Merabi  & sons,  LLC  and  Mr.  Kambiz. Merabi  are pleased  to  offer over  50  different  offices,  suites, and  locations to  all  film  /photography  /music  and  art  students  for  their  thesis or school project. We ask only a   minimal fee  in  the  name  of art! To  qualify  it  is  very  simple; applicants  must provide  their  valid  student  ID.  At  MAS, we believe  that  the  setting  of  a  film and the location it is  filmed in are as  important  as  the  actors  in showcasing the film maker’s talent.  Whether for  a  feature  film,   television  show,  music video,  commercial  or   print  campaign,  location  is  everything.  We  at  MAS  know  that  students  work  on  very  low  budget  as they are trying to  break  into Hollywood.  Therefore,  we  offer  the  student  filmmakers  from  around  the  world  special  rates.  Making  it  big  in  the  film  industry  seems  to  be  a  daunting  mission—like  finding  the  Holy  Grail  or  destroying  a  highly  coveted  ring  in  the  depths  of  Mount  Doom. Luckily,  finding a location to film in   is  far  less  fraught  with  mortal  danger

Merabi & Sons, LLC Location (MAS) was established over half a decade ago to serve the entertainment industry We opened our west coast branch in September of 2004.

MAS  is one of LA’s premiere Film, TV, Commercial & Photo shoot locations. We have a large variety of offices in a vast range of styles, architecture, space, design and environments at extremely competitive booking rates that are suitable for all types of production needs. We Offer open space ,conference rooms , hall ways ,stair wells, telemarketing suites , executive offices ,Law firm sets ,Doctor’s offices , exam rooms, work stations , simulated  interrogation rooms , simple offices, reception areas , waiting rooms , cubical suites – all located within Van Nuys and out of the usual studio zone and delivered with unparalleled service & professionalism.

MAS has worked with major film studios, television and cable networks, production commercial companies and world-famous photographers and film makers to provide the ideal setting for feature films, television shows, reality shows, magazines, fashion designers all the way to print/ad/commercial campaigns .


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