Whether you are a corporation that your headquarters is in our building with thousands of employees, a business with fewer than 100 employees or a small firm with only a handful of employees, our Gym & Fitness Center can create a customized plan for you and your employees with a free consultation solution of any size.

MAS believe there are many advantages for business owners or an employer in our buildings to take advantage of an on-site Gym, & fitness facility we have created for the building’s tenants. By having a fitness facility conveniently located in the building that they work at, employees are more likely to go to the office early— and subsequently get to work on time— and less likely to leave early to travel to another gym location. This can lead to more employee productivity and a positive, healthy work environment. Additionally, healthier employees can lead to less sick days, medical leave of absences and lower insurance premiums due to fewer insurance claims.  Many office building and fitness center services are focused on attracting high quality employees to a certain company. MAS believes with the ability to work out and vent any stresses of the day, employees are less prone to burnout and frustration. These office building and fitness center services also allow a place for coworkers to congregate after and before work to relate in a better way when they’re in the office. Here are some of the services that your employer may want to consider adding to your office:

 – Dance


 – Salsa


 – Bachata


 – Hip Hop


 – Zumba


 – Cumbia


 – Cardio


 – Weights


 – Kick Boxing


 – Cycling

Indoor fitness programs can typically be divided into four categories of exercise: warm-up/cool down, free weight, circuit training, and cardiovascular. The gym and fitness center tenants are Crizam & Nayeli .They are offering one hour free training and exercise for all the MAS network. Crizam is a personal trainer and dance instructor. Nayeli is a Zumba dance instructor.

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