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About the MAS E-Newsletter

MAS E-Newsletter is a free, a weekly e-publication that provides content to help our tenants, our network,  CEO leaders, employees, and volunteers do their jobs more easily and to inform people inside and outside of their business sector of issues affecting their organizations. Topics that frequently appear in MAS E-Newsletter include local news & tips, marketing and branding tips & concerns, announcements of new business to our network community, business training courses, and how to expand & be profitable.

MAS E-Newsletter is delivered via e-mail to approximately 9656 and growing subscribers each week. Additionally, readers can find previous issues in the Newsletter archives.

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The MAS E-Newsletter goes out every Fridays; we email an interactive digital E-Newsletter to 9656 members, and also emails to more than 952 qualified marketing research professionals for their feedback and comment every week.


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Editorial Contact

Mr. Kambiz Merabi

Editorial Director


Gibran Escobar

Sales Manager, & Senior Account Executive

Sending out E-Newsletters and promotions can be highly effective. Marketers looking for a comprehensive online marketing program must also consider how advertising in our E-Newsletter can generate brand awareness and drive traffic on their own Web sites. E-Newsletter is becoming a popular venue, and with good reason, said Julie M. Katz, an analyst at Forrester Research “Advertising in someone else’s E-Newsletter is an interesting lead generation tool because it exposes b2b marketers to audiences who are similar to their own audience but may not be customers or prospects already.

Julie M. Katz, an analyst at Forrester Research

What Our E-Newsletter Readers Are saying:

“I always make time for MAS’s. Lately, I have especially enjoyed receiving the E-Newsletter. Great variety of individual experiences and humor!”

“I love how lively your communications and content are.”

“Your E-Newsletters is fantastic resources for me.

“Your articles are relevant and interesting without being self-serving. What I find in the blogs and communities are companies simply promoting themselves.”

“I enjoy getting MAS’s E-Newsletter both via e- mail.”

“MAS is really good. Read it all the time.”

“Just wanted to let you know I love your e-E-Newsletter…informative and very entertaining and fun.”

“Great E-Newsletter; keep up the good work!”

“I love your E-Newsletter”

“MAS’s E-Newsletter is a must read.”

Free E-Newsletter Ads:

MAS now offers E-Newsletter Ad opportunity.


In order to make E-Newsletter advertising effective and economical, we offer all our tenants six months free advertising services.

MAS’ designers can make your ad coordinate with your brand image and Web site. Simply supply us with your ad copy, your motto, your Web address and any other graphics you want incorporated and our designers will do the rest.

Serious Inquiries Only.

You will receive your quote directly from Gibran if it is not listed below.

For more information contact an advertising sales representative Gibran Escobar at 818-817-7733 or Or direct:

MAS’s E-Newsletter Advertising

Advertising in MAS E-Newsletter is a convenient, affordable, and the way to bring your message to the MAS’s Network Community and its supporters. MAS’s Network is over 7048 members and growing.

MAS E-Newsletter goes out to approximately 9656 CEOs, Business Owner* who are our past or present tenants*, and their clients or/and venders. The E-Newsletter is send out weekly on Friday afternoon, and every week. By advertising in MAS E-Newsletter, you have the unique opportunity to deliver information about your products and services straight to the e-mail in-boxes of some of the most active members of MAS network.

For more information on advertising in MAS E-Newsletter, view our advertising and media kit call Gibran at 818-817-0092 or contact us by emailing:

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