The place “Beit Moshe V Yacob Synagogue” is a sanctuary to worship G_D in an office building within a business district in the greater Van Nuys area, and the name“Beit Mosh e V Yacob Synagogue” is to honor two Persian born Jews for the dedication to a Jewish life and family, Mr. Mousa Moshe Cohen AV & Mr. Nasser Jacob Merabi.

Mr. Nasser Merabi summons his sons and his daughter to build a Sephardic Synagogue a sanctuary in the honor of their maternal grandfather who passed on in November of 2004. Nader, Kambiz, and Niloufar Merabi were delighted to build a synagogue where people can come to pray and learn.
Nader & Niloufar pour their support after Kambiz, and since Kambiz was moving from New York City to Los Angeles then he started the good deed by locating the space to build the synagogue & his office. Kambiz sought to foster among the Van Nuys Jewish community an abiding commitment to Halacha & Mitzvot, which represent the base of the foundation they were summoned to create, and stand firmly for the position that The Beit Moshe V Yacob Sephardic Synagogue & Cultural Center is a part of a larger community.
A community of the Jewish people to be sure, but also of our fellow Van Nuys people, Americans and, indeed, of all humankind. These principles are not merely theoretical elements of a philosophical creed; instead, they represent the impetus for social action, embodied in a wide-ranging series of activities serving our Van Nuys community, unaffiliated Jews and greater society. However the Merabi’s brothers & sister wanted to honor their father as well, therefore with their father’s permission they added his name to the synagogue’s name and the name is synonymous with philanthropy and benevolence. Both Mr. Cohen was, and Mr. Merabi is, they rose to prominence in the oil, and real estate industry, Mr. Cohen supported a remarkable diversity of institutions and charities during his lifetime, and Mr.& Mrs. Merabi and his sons and daughter continue on the same path. While Mr. Cohen legacy of giving affected Jewish communities his generosity may have had its greatest impact on the various Sephardic Jewish communities in the United States specially Great Neck New York. An example of how Mr. Cohen’s policy of supporting new Jewish institutions continues even after his untimely death by his daughters, his son-in-law Mr. Merabi and his grandchildren. Mr. Cohen had expressed a desire to build a house of worship & cultural Center in a business district where he worked. After his death in 2004 Mr. Nasser Merabi undertook to move that idea from a vision to a reality. Praise for the edifice was exceeded only by praise for the man who foresaw it, his Son-in-law, and his grandchildren who completed it. The Synagogue should become the communal center that its namesake imagined it would. The synagogue will offer regular religious services including daily minyanim, a bi-weekly Bet Midrash program, liturgy studies and daily tehilim readings. Moreover, the synagogue should become a prominent social, cultural and educational center to host conferences and lectures, and parenting, singles’ events, children’s programs and a variety of cultural and educational events.
The Beit Moshe V Yacob Sephardic Synagogue & Cultural Center is well-located at 14545 Friar Street Suite 260 on the south west of the second floor of an office building in the heart of Van Nuys business district; it would regularly host guests from around the neighborhood. The congregation is comprised of many families from a medley of Middle Eastern backgrounds and it is prepared to welcome all those interested in worshipping with this new, vibrant Jewish community.

Mr. Kambiz Merabi was honored and privileged to have Rabbi Benyomin A. Lieberman and   Rabbi Marc Mordechai Azran a Sephardic rabbi to be the rabbis for this great house of worship.


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